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What Writers are Saying About My Coaching

Nadia Brown

Memoir Writer

I’ve worked with Tina on a number of short stories and I highly, highly recommend her. Tina is incredibly insightful and thorough. I have never received such detailed and comprehensive feedback! Most importantly: Tina respects and cares deeply about what your story is trying to say, and where it wants to go. Tina has a rare ability to place herself IN your process; to attune to YOUR needs as a writer, and to figure out where there might be barriers for you and/or for the story. And then she will problem-solve, encourage, and see the whole thing through to a resolution that makes the story shine so much brighter. Tina finds the gem in a story and helps you to see its strengths and YOUR strengths as a writer. And she holds you accountable to the highest version of your story which, in turn, drives you to keep pushing. It’s a pleasure to work with Tina not only because of her effectiveness as a mentor, but also because she is all the things you would want: kind, reliable, efficient, respectful, and full of good humour! Do it!  

Nancy Moir

Novelist and Short Story Writer

Tina supports both the story you want to tell and the writer you want to be. With apparent ease (which is really a combination of exceptional talent, experience, and focus), she navigates to the heart of your story and identifies why it matters and what you as a writer can do to make it shine. Her feedback is thoughtful, concise, and encouraging. She’s adept at examining the big picture, the small details, and all of the areas in-between.


Before I worked with Tina, I was figuring out my stories as I went along, then spending tremendous amounts of time re-writing them. Working with her, I’ve gained a new set of tools that have helped me to write more efficiently and produce better drafts from the get-go. I highly recommend Tina for anyone who is ready to bring their writing to the next level.

Randy Boyum

Writer, Producer, Editor

As a first-time novelist, I wrote confidently for over a year, and then began to struggle. Tina agreed to evaluate my 300+ page manuscript and I was thrilled to receive her response within two weeks. It contained everything I was hoping to get from a professional evaluation. She not only pointed out the positive aspects of the writing, but offered possible solutions to big, middling, and small issues. Her feedback was truthful, but not hurtful. She’s a warm and knowledgeable person who will, with a compassionate smile, identify your worst, and help you to make it your best.  For writers of all levels, I highly recommend Tina as a story coach.

Susan Randall

Meditation/Yoga Teacher and Budding Novelist

As a story coach, Tina skilfully combines her roles of teacher, editor, project manager and cheerleader with a tough love approach.

Her patience, compassion and non-judgmental attitude have helped me explore and arrange my many, varied and sometimes confusing thoughts for a story into an order and progression that becomes clearer and more concise after each task she assigns. I remain inspired and excited about my project to continue working with her.

Zal Karkaria

Writer of Short Stories and Articles

Tina consistently provides thoughtful, detailed feedback that goes beyond anything I've received from writing courses. Her in-line comments and feedback letters are comprehensive and clearly involve a great deal of thought and care. She is able to identify what works in a story, what could do with some tweaking, and what needs to be removed entirely.


My writing has improved considerably since I began working with Tina. Our discussions are enjoyable and thought-provoking as she pushes me to be a better writer. As a coach for hire, she is simply excellent value for money. 


I look forward to working with her again soon!

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