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What People are Saying About Me and The Feedback Loop

Nadia Brown

Memoir Writer

The Feedback Loop with Laurie Gough and Tina Trineer was as inspiring as it was enjoyable. What a privilege to work with both of these insightful, thoughtful, and generous writers! Tina and Laurie created a space within which each group member was supported, their strengths highlighted, and their writing given detailed and extraordinarily helpful feedback. There is zero possibility one could come out of this workshop without feeling inspired, energized, and with a clear path forward for one's writing. The group was harmonious and respectful, with genuine appreciation for the various writing styles and personal goals. This can only happen with careful and compassionate facilitation. I highly, highly recommend this workshop!! 

Nancy Moir

Novelist and Short Story Writer

I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to participate in The Feedback Loop with Tina and Laurie. They set up a collaborative creative space in which writers of various genres and experience levels could learn and support each other. Tina and Laurie clearly put a lot of thought and effort into analyzing our pieces—the depth of their comments was incredible. Their feedback helped me to understand how industry professionals would see my work—I learned what I need to work on (beyond the flaws that are obvious to me!), and the strengths I can build on. It was really helpful to listen to the comments on other writers’ works and consider how they might apply to my writing.  As an added bonus, I met a great group of writers whose future works I can’t wait to read.  Thank you Tina and Laurie!

Randy Boyum

Writer, Producer, Editor

As a first-time novelist, I wrote confidently for over a year, and then began to struggle. Tina agreed to evaluate my 300+ page manuscript and I was thrilled to receive her response within two weeks. It contained everything I was hoping to get from a professional evaluation. She not only pointed out the positive aspects of the writing, but offered possible solutions to big, middling, and small issues. Her feedback was truthful, but not hurtful. She’s a warm and knowledgeable person who will, with a compassionate smile, identify your worst, and help you to make it your best.  For writers of all levels, I highly recommend Tina as a story coach.

Susan Randall

Meditation/Yoga Teacher and Budding Novelist

As a story coach, Tina skilfully combines her roles of teacher, editor, project manager and cheerleader with a tough love approach.

Her patience, compassion and non-judgmental attitude have helped me explore and arrange my many, varied and sometimes confusing thoughts for a story into an order and progression that becomes clearer and more concise after each task she assigns. I remain inspired and excited about my project to continue working with her.

Diane Bracuk

Author of "Middle-Aged Boys & Girls"

I can’t say enough good things about The Feedback Loop, a six-week critique circle for writers of fiction and memoir facilitated by author Laurie Gough and story couch Tina Trineer. The program included weekly two-hour Zoom meetings in addition to online comments each time you submitted your work. The feedback was invaluable, helping me find the main themes in my novel, cut the clutter, dig deep deeper onto what motivated the protagonist, and look at my story with fresh eyes. Plus I enjoyed having my work reviewed by other writers and critically reviewing theirs. Whether you’re starting a novel, or are stuck in the umpteenth draft of one, or want to take your stories or essays to the next level, I’d thoroughly recommend this course.

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