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Armed with a powerful imagination and years of study as an actor, I'm at ease working with fantastical or complex material that might prove overwhelming or inaccessible to someone else. What makes me unique is my ability to orient myself deep inside a story by toggling between seeing the big picture and understanding the story through the eyes and psychology of its individual characters, regardless of how otherworldly either may seem.
I had the fortune of spending years in Concordia University’s Creative Writing Program. I also studied organic script analysis, taught creative writing, and freelanced as an editor. I've been working as a story coach since September of 2021 and became a certified Author Accelerator Fiction Book Coach in August of 2023. In that time I've worked closely with novelists, short story writers, and memoirists. I'm very fond of my clients and often find myself spending my off-hours living in the worlds they've created.
In addition to studying and working in the fields of acting and writing, I've been a dancer, singer, landscape gardener, and library worker. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and am the mother of a grown son I raised on my own.

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