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Rates in Canadian Dollars

Book Prep. Package

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This package helps writers lay the foundation for their novel or memoir. It's also a useful package for writers about to embark on a rewrite. As we create our outline and examine the story from all angles, we spot and solve potential problems before they arise. This organic, time-saving method is appropriate for both plotters and pantsers.

The package usually takes about ten weeks to complete, and the writer is given continual feedback in the form of inline comments, editorial letters, and coaching calls.


Monthly Developmental Coaching


I offer this monthly package to writers who want ongoing support as they work on long projects. The monthly plan requires you to meet two deadlines per month of anywhere between five and twenty-five pages. I'll offer you biweekly feedback and guidance in the form of inline comments on your pages, coaching letters, and two one-hour video calls per month. I can also respond to two writing-related questions per week via email.

Manuscript Evaluation

$4/page (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced)

This is not an edit, but an evaluation. I identify the story's strengths and weaknesses and offer guidance to help you make it more engaging and effective. I'm also happy to answer three story-specific questions. My feedback is delivered via an editorial letter and a one-hour coaching call.

My rate drops to $3/page after the first 100 pages.

Developmental Editing

$5/page (12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced)

This is more involved than a manuscript evaluation. In addition to evaluating the overall concerns, I work on the smaller level, identifying very specific errors. I also answer three story-specific questions. You'll have comments on the page as well as an editorial letter and a one-hour coaching call. Although I don't copy edit or proofread I may also point out grammatical and spelling errors, particularly if they recur.

My rate drops to $4/page after the first 100 pages.

Practicum Volunteers

Exchange of Services

I'm currently looking for volunteers to help me earn certification through the Author Accelerator Book Coaching Course. If you would like to take advantage of free book coaching with the understanding that your work will be seen (but not evaluated) by Author Accelerator staff, please click on Practicum Volunteers for more information.

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