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If you're looking for a dedicated writing coach who knows how to get deep inside a story and help you make it come alive, visiting is a fantastic first step.

No matter the scope, if your goal is to create unique characters and worlds, deeply explore the human psyche, and write in a way that helps readers engage with your story, I can be your ally. I want to help you write the story only you can write.

I love working with genre-bending novels, literary fiction, and short stories. As a certified Fiction Book Coach, fiction is my forte, but I also have experience helping memoir writers.

My services include prepping packages, manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, ongoing writing support, and the occasional story-writing workshop.

Please peruse my site for more information about what I do, and feel free to use the contact link to reach me with questions. I'd be happy to hear from you. Let's discover whether we'd make a good client and coach match!

Author Laurie Gough

Laurie Gough, Author

Tina’s insights when looking at a piece of writing are incredibly astute and perceptive. She can figure out immediately what needs to be done to strengthen the writing, take it where it needs to go, and get the message across gently yet effectively. I’ve worked with Tina for many years and she continues to astound me. Not only does she have a gift of insight into how to make any writing better, she’s also exceptionally dedicated. I highly recommend her!

Writer Randy Boyum

Randy Boyum, Writer, Producer, Editor

Tina's feedback was truthful, but not hurtful. She’s a warm and knowledgeable person who will, with a compassionate smile, identify your worst and help you make it your best. For writers of all levels, I highly recommend Tina as a story coach.

Author Lissa Cowan

Lissa M. Cowan, Author

Tina's the biggest rock star in my solar system!! I’ve not been working on this story for a couple of months and Tina gave me the energy and excitement that I felt when I first started on this journey. I can see the work a lot more clearly already and haven’t even begun to unpack all she's presented.

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